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eX Podcast

I’ve started this podcast because I believe that companies have to think of themselves as employment brands if they hope to attract and retain talent. B2E (Business to Employee) branding gives a real competitive advantage to organizations that have the desire to bring the EX to life.

This podcast brings a different lens to the employee experience: a brand and customer experience angle, rather than a traditional HR angle.

Our guests, all thought leaders and disruptors in the EX space in their own way, come to this show to debate, discuss and share best practices on the key components that foster employee engagement and strengthen company culture; and also to spark the conversation on how to create positive employee experiences.

In our episodes, we cover multiple topics that touch and impact the employee experience, such as:
- the key components of a positive employee experience
- office space design and its impact on the company’s culture
- the employee journey map
- how design thinking, collaboration and innovation are intertwined
- employer branding
- employee engagement tools and measurement
- the place of technology in the employee experience.

If you're looking for in-person interactions with some of our guests, check out our series of local eX Summit events.

Aug 19, 2019

“Many companies operate from the point of view that employers deserve the loyalty of their employees simply because the companies pay those employees.”

Modern workers are less likely than ever before to remain at a single company for long periods. Job-hopping doesn’t mean loyalty itself has lost its value, it’s just that the concept of loyalty has evolved. Some organizations and leaders still excel at cultivating remarkable loyalty within their teams. But loyalty doesn’t stop when an employee leaves a company. By managing a positive exit and maintaining a relationship with former employees (alumni network), loyalty can be nurtured for a possible return. Why would companies burn the bridge once a talent individual leaves? As a leader, wouldn’t you like your top performers to come back with more experience and new skills?

Loyalty to a given company now has to be inspired rather than assumed. The best companies create cultures to which employees want to return, which provide both short-term and long-term benefits. That’s the new lifetime loyalty, and it serves everyone better than the old model of the same employees forever.

Lee Caraher is the founder and CEO of Double Forte PR & Digital Marketing, a 15-year-old national agency that works with beloved and up-and-coming consumer, technology, and wine brands. Lee is a popular guest expert on leadership, intergenerational workplaces, public relations, crisis communications, social media and integrated marketing. She splits her time between San Francisco and New York City, and puts her medieval history degree to work every day. Her second book, “The Boomerang Principle: Inspiring Lifetime Loyalty From Employees” is a pragmatic and actionable guide to creating high-performing work cultures ready for the future.

Today with Lee we talk about:
- What is The Boomerang Principle?
- What is the strategic advantage of putting the Boomerang Principle to work in organizations?
- What’s the new employer-employee loyalty paradigm?
- What are the 5 steps to creating a culture of return?
- What goes into creating an alumni club?
- How should employees approach leaving so they can come back?
- What are the 3 things managers must do to work well with millennials?
- What can women do to help themselves in male-dominated offices?

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