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eX Podcast

I’ve started this podcast because I believe that companies have to think of themselves as employment brands if they hope to attract and retain talent. B2E (Business to Employee) branding gives a real competitive advantage to organizations that have the desire to bring the EX to life.

This podcast brings a different lens to the employee experience: a brand and customer experience angle, rather than a traditional HR angle.

Our guests, all thought leaders and disruptors in the EX space in their own way, come to this show to debate, discuss and share best practices on the key components that foster employee engagement and strengthen company culture; and also to spark the conversation on how to create positive employee experiences.

In our episodes, we cover multiple topics that touch and impact the employee experience, such as:
- the key components of a positive employee experience
- office space design and its impact on the company’s culture
- the employee journey map
- how design thinking, collaboration and innovation are intertwined
- employer branding
- employee engagement tools and measurement
- the place of technology in the employee experience.

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Mar 19, 2018

It's been demonstrated through multiple studies that a sense purpose is not only critical to drive a business' s success, but also for this business to attract and retain talent. 
You can argue that purpose is "a given" in not-for-profits because these organizations exist to serve a specific cause. Therefore, attracting, engaging and retaining employees is easier than in for-profits because the genuine sense of purpose is a "driver". In reality, employees in not-for-profits work long hours, are underpaid compared to for-profits, and the benefits aren't usually as good.

I'd been intrigued by this topic for quite sometime and was happy to interview Craig Anderson, President of Student Connections, an Indianapolis-based not-for-profit organization that promotes financial literacy so students can successfully repay their loans.

Today with Craig we will talk about:

- Is it a given to keep employees engaged in a not-for-profit?
- What challenges Craig faced when he joined the organization and changes he needed to make, starting with himself.
- How he measures employee engagement at Student Connections.
- What impact the level of debts Millennials experience will impact the workplace.

Note: you can follow Craig on LinkedIn, Twitter and Student Connections on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook.

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Thanks for listening.

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