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eX Podcast

I’ve started this podcast because I believe that companies have to think of themselves as employment brands if they hope to attract and retain talent. B2E (Business to Employee) branding gives a real competitive advantage to organizations that have the desire to bring the EX to life.

This podcast brings a different lens to the employee experience: a brand and customer experience angle, rather than a traditional HR angle.

Our guests, all thought leaders and disruptors in the EX space in their own way, come to this show to debate, discuss and share best practices on the key components that foster employee engagement and strengthen company culture; and also to spark the conversation on how to create positive employee experiences.

In our episodes, we cover multiple topics that touch and impact the employee experience, such as:
- the key components of a positive employee experience
- office space design and its impact on the company’s culture
- the employee journey map
- how design thinking, collaboration and innovation are intertwined
- employer branding
- employee engagement tools and measurement
- the place of technology in the employee experience.

If you're looking for in-person interactions with some of our guests, check out our series of local eX Summit events.

Apr 29, 2019

We live in the experience age where the lines are blurred between our consumer and our employee experiences. We demand more of the workplace experience because we’re used to seamless digital experiences, great customer service as consumers. Organizations that have mastered the Customer Experience have recently shifted their focus on the Employee Experience.
The EX and CX are intimately connected, and both have a critical impact of the overall business performance. Kaiser Permanente  is taking a unique and intentional approach to join up their member/patient experience with the employee experience.

Angela R. Howard is the Director of Talent Management & Culture for Kaiser Permanente’s Washington (KPWA) region. In this role, Angela oversees a team of organizational development, talent management and learning professionals that help build capability and drive culture change across KPWA.

Today with Angela we talk about:
– How to build a deeper emotional connection between the customer and employee.
-How to build the right capability for employees to internalize and personalize what great service looks like through daily connections.
– How to get past “training” and pull down the barriers of cultural change.
- Which metrics she has put in place to measure the success of those initiatives.

Note: you can follow Angela on LinkedIn, Twitter and Kaiser Permanente on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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